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This traditional-style meditation cushion is timeless. Standard-size width with a choice of two heights (6" or 8"). The Zafu is round with a pleated side wall and convenient handle. Hand-stuffed with kapok*, a natural plant fiber. Or try it filled with buckwheat hulls, which are moldable-like a bean-bag or "sitting in sand." Supporting the sacrum helps keep the back straight. Proper posture helps reduce fatigue!

What is Kapok?
Kapok trees grow in tropical rainforests. These giants produce a renewable source of natural, fine, hair-like fiber in their seedpods.

Zafu Crescent
After all these years, sitting just got better! This unique design allows you to sit with your heels fitting comfortably close to the body, thus encouraging optimum alignment of the spine while giving extra support at the hips. It's the best!

Zafu with print option shown, other prints available.
Zafu with two tone design shown. Other solid color variations available.
Mini -Zafu - 9" diameter x 5" high
Perfect for travel and for those who want a small cushion for sitting.

Zafu Crescent purple shown, other solid colors available.

Zafu Standard w/kapok or buckwheat hull fill $50

Zafu Standard w/2-tone/kapok or bwh $55

Zafu Standard w/print/kapok or bwh $65

Mini-Zafu w/kapok or bwh $40

Zafu Crescent w/kapok or bwh $50

Zafu Crescent w/2-tone/kapok or bwh $55

Zafu Crescent w/print/kapok or bwh $65

15" Rectangular Yoga/Sitting Bolster - kapok or Buckwheat hull filled $50

Fabric solid colors:
All Fabric Color Choices (identify by *,**,**^, ***)

  • *Black, Navy, Purple, Organic Natural - Cotton twill
  • ** Eggplant, Navy, Tabasco, Kiwi, Artichoke, Gold, Black - Brushed Cotton twill w/ embossed leaf
  • ***Cranberry, Navy, Brick, Stone, Black, Kiwi, Brown, Gold, Purple - Deluxe Cotton Sateen


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