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Greetings and welcome to YogaMats, an established, California-based company dedicated to providing natural, handcrafted products to enhance your yoga and meditation experiences.

Our specially designed mats, bolsters, pillows, blocks, and accessories are more than just items to purchase and own! They are your invitation to a new experience of well being. Our products benefit all levels of yoga, bodywork and meditation and are made with all-natural fibers and the best quality materials available to us. All items may be custom ordered in 100% organic cotton for the ultimate commitment to yourself and the environment. See our order form for details.

The inspiration of our products comes from our teachers, and their arts of yoga, bodywork, and meditation. We enjoy using everything ourselves in our ongoing practice of yoga and Breema/Shiatsu, our way of time testing our products for durability and application. We welcome your comments! Email:

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