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We want to hear from you and we have a variety of choices you can select to communicate with us. You can use our toll free number (800) 720-YOGA or if that's busy and you're in a hurry you can fax your print order form to us (credit card orders only) by using our fax number (415) 626-7803. You can use our secure online order form to submit your order electronically. And you can email your comments to us through our email address of

Select our order form to see a complete list of our products or select products to see our inventory divided into items of use with yoga, meditation, bodywork and relaxation.

Contacting Us:
By Mail: P.O. Box 885044, S. F. CA, 94188
By Phone: (800) 720-YOGA or (415) 626-7723
By Fax: (415) 358-9641
By Email:

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