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Our cotton filled YogaMats are all six feet long and 2" layers thick. 2" cotton compresses to a dense 1" cotton pad. This provides stable supportive padding.

YogaMatsĒ : Our 28" YogaMat converts to many types of bolsters. They have removable covers that close with a zipper. Creatively versatile!

Our 36" YogaMat allows your arms to extend in "corpse pose" (relaxation pose). They also have a removable cover that closes with a zipper. Works as your sacred space at home - your energy center, place where you can go for renewal and nurturing.

Covers are available with your choice of a full range of pleasing colors, or inquire about custom-designed with inset panels of either a geometric or floral print. Our YogaMats come with a separate 2"x72" matching belt for use both during your yoga practice and as a tie for the rolled-up mat.

Basic!Mat (TM) ~ Yoga/Shiatsu Mat Back to Basics!! This versatile combination Yoga/Shiatsu Mat measures 36"x 72" x 2". It is an economical option between the sizes and applications of our regular YogaMats and our Shiatsu Mats. We use untreated conventional cotton batting covered with a wonderfully durable untreated natural cotton canvas, directly tacked to the batting. Ties are sewn into the mat for easy roll-up & storing. Optional attached strap for over-the-shoulder carrying.

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28" YogaMat, cotton filled w/removable
36" YogaMat, cotton filled w/removable
36" Basic!Yoga/Shiatsu Mat cotton filled w/non-removable cover.
36" Basic!Yoga/Shiatsu Mat Separate sheeting cover
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