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Sticky Mats ~ Sticky Mats provide a non-slip surface, good for all standing poses. A stable foundation for good balance is essential to your yoga practice. Available in range of styles.

The StudioStandard 1/8" Mat, available in Purple, Cobalt blue, Emerald green, Burgundy, Black, Red, Orange ~ measure 24"x68". $25ea

The Environmentally friendly "PER" mat ~ Lime Green, Peach, Lavender, Robin's Egg Blue ~ measure 24"x 72". $25ea

The StudioUltra Mat ~ 1/4" thick for extra padding. ~ 24" x 68" ~ $35ea *******

Blankets ~ Your basic yoga blanket! The gray utility camp blanket is made of non-woven & recycled wool. 62"x80." ~ $20 (We have special colors from time to time- inquire. $25)

The Mexican Blanket ~ Cotton/Acrylic ~ Striped or Thunderbird design ~ $25

You may want to use the sticky mat with the cotton mat for those times you need padding without slipping as in shoulder stands. Or change back and forth depending on the needs of the poses you are doing.

Quantity discounts available on multiple cuts or large uncut rolls.

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StudioStandard Purple/Cobalt/Emerald/Burgundy/Black, thick $23ea

"PER" Standard sticky mats are more "environmentally friendly"

StudioUltra Purple/Cobalt/Emerald/Burgundy/Black thick $32ea

Blanket (wool, non-woven&recycled) ~ $20

Blanket (deluxe wool, woven) ~ $36

Mexican Blanket (cotton/acrylic) ~ $25


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