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ShiatsuMats and ThaiMats are expertly sized wide and extra long to meet the specific needs of bodywork. About 3" of 100% cotton, hand tacked for stability, provides comfort for both the client and the practitioner. Cotton will compress to a dense pad (nature of cotton) which is desirable to offer a firm pad. Great care has gone into balancing comfort, size and weight for portability. We have time-tested these with our own clients!

  • Our 39"x84"x3" mat (approx. 25lbs) is compact for traveling. Additional 20" sq. x 3" cushions offer modular extension of the mat, when you need the extra width for the arms, at the head or feet, or as extra padding for your knees.

  • Our 48"x84"x3" (approx. 30lbs), mat with a little extra room is also good for travel

  • Our 54"x96"x3" mat (approx. 35lbs) accommodates both client and practitioner maximally. Especially longer when working at the head or the feet and best for Shiatsu or Breema Bodywork,

  • And our Deluxe 60" x 84" x3" (approx. 35lbs) mat. Ideal as a larger working surface, especially for ThaiMassage, Comfort is essential to give your best treatment. The superb quality of these mats will pay for themselves in no time through client satisfaction! All sizes are easily transported when rolled up in our custom-sized CarryCase.

  • Travel-lite Bodywork Mat "Flying Carpet" 48"x100"x1/2" or "Magic Carpet" 48"x100"x1" - Dense Close-cell foam filled. 4-part folding, zipper cover with handles and corner ties. Lite-weight portability or extra padding with traditional cotton mats.

CarryCase NEW *ALL-Size* Tube style. Now one size fits all our ShiatsuMats and ThaiMats.
(Each mat folds and rolls to custom fit ~ room for extras with the smaller mats)
Made of durable Nylon Packcloth (black only), with a heavy-duty zipper across the top and down one side. Nylon webbing handles for comfortable transportation of your mat. Our CarryCase protects your mat and keeps it clean.

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39"x84"x3" Shiatsu Mat (regular cotton) ~ $245

48"x84"x3" Shiatsu Mat (regular cotton) ~ $265

54"x96"x3" Shiatsu Mat (regular cotton) ~ $295

60"x84"x3" Thai Massage Mat, Regular Cotton ~ $295

48"x100" Travel-lite BodyworkMat "Flying Carpet" (foam folding-mat) ~ $245

48"x100"X1" Travel-lite BodyworkMat "Magic Carpet" (foam folding-mat) ~ $345

**All-Size* CarryCase ~ $80

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