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Sandbags weigh 10 lbs. each, are sold in pairs, and are made of heavy denim fabric w/cotton webbing handles. They are double stitched for durability. Use as a passive weight which helps relieve tightness without forcing.

HaraPillows: Our HaraPillows weigh 10 lbs. each. These weights for "conscious breathing" are double-lined in soft twill colors, available singly or in pairs. Exceptional for encouraging profoundly deep breathing. Body workers may use them with clients to restore energy-centered connection to the body through the hara. Ten pounds, ten breaths... inhale, exhale! Experience well-being.

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Pair of Sandbags (10 pounds each), denim $36/pr ~ $19ea

Hara Pillow (double lined-sand filled 10#) $38/pr ~ $20ea

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