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10" tall x 14" diameter The PlumPillow developed out of a need for those of us who must sit higher for more comfortable sitting . It is styled like a hassock or a drum! which can be used upright for seiza sitting (bent knee) or on its edge for broader adjustable sitting. 10" tall, w/14" diameter.

The buckwheat filling molds to your body. It is also wonderful for a supported back stretch (sit with your hips on the floor, lean your back over it and experience the "aaahhh" of the deep breath that comes!). It has a zipper closure and a handle for easy carrying.

You will want to take it everywhere you sit on the floor! Great for all ages. Kids love them!!

Check out our new sizes! From the DemiPlum to the BuddhaPillow...

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PlumPillow 10" x 14" diameter w/buckwheat hulls ~$65

DemiPlumPillow 7"x14" diameter w/buckwheat hulls ~$50

Plum Pillow 10" x 14" w/kapok ~ $75

Buddha Pillow 10" x 24" w/Kapok ~ $200

Buddha Pillow 10" x 24" w/Kapok & Silk cover~ $250

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