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Create the ultimate comfortable experience for your clients, naturally! Buckwheat hull filled.

Face cradle (with Velcro tab and small square pillow to give more secure support to the chin), body pillow (large enough to adjust for support of the pelvis while making room for the upper body and breast area), and under-the-knee bolster (can be used under the ankles too!) make a winning combination.

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X ~ Face Cradle: (buckwheat hull fill ~ complete choice of all colors $50

Y ~ Body Pillow: 20" x 29" buckwheat hull fill ~ complete choice of all colors $75

Z ~ Under-the-Knee Pillow: 5" x 25" (buckwheat hull fill, $55

P ~ Neckroll: 3 x 15 cotton-fill, (kapok or bwh fill $35) $30

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