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Pranayama Pillow Hand-packed with 100% cotton, this pillow is used to support the length of the spine. This allows the chest to open, gently creating space for the lungs to breathe more deeply. It can also be used cross-wise under the shoulder blades for opening tight shoulders--a valuable asset to help practice deep yoga breathing called Pranayama.

Round Asana Bolster This standard round yoga bolster is hand-stuffed with dense cotton with just enough "give" for maximum support, while still conforming to the natural curve of the body. Excellent for therapeutic postures. It is also available filled with kapok or buckwheat hulls for use by bodyworkers who want a more pliable bolster. Comes with a fully-washable drawstring case.

India-Style Bolster This smaller round bolster has a versatile quality all its own. It offers a gentler arch support to the back and can be used for a supported shoulder stand. For bodyworkers, it works wonders under the knees. Clients often like the relief it gives to the sacrum to have support for their bent knees while on their backs.

Rectangular YogaBolsters This premier kapok-filled YogaBolster, excellent for all the therapeutic poses of restorative yoga, is smooth and firm, yet resilient and lightweight. It sits lower than the Round Asana Bolster, which allows the Rectangular YogaBolster to provide a more gentle arch for supported backbends. It's a matter of personal preference between the two. It comes with a non-removable cover in your choice of our assorted cotton twill fabrics. The small Rectangular Bolster is used for comfortable sitting during meditation. The larger one offers deluxe sitting!

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Pranayama Pillow
India Style Bolster 7" (w Kapok fill or bwk)
Pranayama Pillow, all organic
India Style Bolster 7" (organic cotton fill, washable cover)
Round Asana Bolster 9" (regular cotton fill, washable cover)
25" Rectangular YogaBolster
Round Asana Bolster 9" (w Kapok fill or bwk)
25" Rectangular YogaBolster, organic
Round Asana Bolster 9" (organic cotton fill, washable cover)
15" Rectangular YogaBolster/Sitting Bolser
India Style Bolster 7" (regular cotton fill, washable cover)
15" Yoga/Sitting Bolster/Organic
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